Day 3 – Casablanca to Moulay Idriss, Morocco

Today we toured inside the amazing Mosque of Hassan ll. It is decorated with mosaic tiles and inside has massive chandeliers. Our tour guide desperately wanted to take a photo with us and when we did he just kept saying “cheese” repeatedly.

On the train to Meknes we were all sitting waiting and we started to realise more and more people had crowded into our carriage. Then when it seemed filled to the brim even more teen aged kids just came barging through everyone.. But there was seriously no space for anyone to go through so this guy was like climbing on top of us to try get through. It was just a sea of bodies all pushing and shoving and we were there sitting down thinking omg what if it’s like this when we need to try get off the train and can’t get our bags down.. Then the trains ticket collector came fr the back and just started pulling people back and out of that carriage. We found out they were all students trying to get out of paying their train fare so all run to the back to buy themselves time before their stop.

When we got off the train we took a taxi to Moulay Idriss through olive trees and mountains – very beautiful. Our taxi driver was the best playing clubbing music and laughing at us all dancing, he had the most happy smile it was so funny.

Moulay Idriss is so amazing, it’s set on the side of a mountain with whitewashed buildings. When we got their we hiked up the steps to our guest houses to stay the night.

We explored the town and toured around the different sights and walked up to this place on the mountain where we could see the whole town and mosque. It was beautiful. To finish off we has a Moroccan feast with soup and Cous Cous and mint tea and oranges etc etc etc.





















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