Day 5 – Fez, Morocco

This morning we visited the Royal Palace in Fez. We all took photos of the golden doors to satisfy our Moroccan door obsession, Brian actually started knocking on one of the doors and got told to stop by the security guards!
After a bit of Moroccan history we travelled up to see a panoramic view of the city, before seeing all the ceramics being made. That was amazing, as you can see from the millions of photos of mosaic tiles I’m obsessed with photographing.

After buying a mosaic mug for myself we continued our journey in the narrow streets of Fez. We strolled along working out which turn led us to one of the 40,000 dead ends and which was one of the 9000 streets. While also listening out in case someone yelled out “belek!” To warn us to “get out the way!” Of the donkey coming up behind.

My favourite part of the day was definitely visiting the tannery. We all had mentally prepared ourselves for the disgusting smell of urine, bleach, and pigeon poo used in treating the leather, we were even given mint leaves for the smell, but it ended up being fine. After looking out over at the pots of. Dye and learning more about how its made we had a look around at all there at her bags shoes wallets etc.

Now time to relax on the terrace with wine and olives,
m’e alslamh!













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