Day 7 – Midelt, Morocco

This morning at breakfast time Khalid was laughing at us girls telling us he could hear us all last night, and was shocked that I could be loud, “kaliiiiii I thought you were quiet! You were laughing and talking in there too!”

After breakfast we hopped back into our van and left Midelt, the apple growing region, and on through the Atlas Mountains. As usual the surroundings were beautiful, made up of deep gorges with rivers, palm trees, little pockets of lush green vegetation amongst the red rugged hills. We were driving along the flat land looking out and a quick break in the ground let us catch a glimpse of a town down in a hidden valley – you literally could not see it if you were far from the edge looking straight over, you’d think it was just more flat nothing. All the houses are made of earth coloured concrete, some a bit more pink than others.

The first sight of dunes sparked some excitement from us! We passed these big mounds that we all thought were camel graves, Khalid told us they weren’t but they were very camel-shaped 😉 . We dipped our feet in the pool at this nice resort while we waited for the sun to set a bit and the temperatures to drop. And then our camel riding Sahara journey begun! Journeying out into the orange sand dune of the Sahara desert atop camels was pretty cool to say the least. Khalid kept just walking off far into the desert and would randomly reappear. The camel guides were very funny, one of them insisted upon singing Bob Marley and Shakira songs and would get somewhat hurt if we didn’t sing along. I was surprised by how comfy it was.

When we got to our little oasis camp ground we put our stuff down and hiked up the nearby sand dune. That was actually one of the hardest things if e ever done in my life it was so high and steep and my heart started to beat so fast I thought I was having an epileptic fit.. Ok not quite. Bt the last 3 metres of the dune were actually the hardest because the send was super soft and steep and you felt like you were going no where. The view at the top was worth it though. None of the pictures I got show how amazing it was up there and they don’t show you how high you are. It was like we were sitting on top of the world.

For dinner we had mint tea and of course tajine! Afterwards the camel guides got out all their little drums and played some traditional Berber music for us. When they finished we all layed out on the mats looking for shooting stars before crawling into our tents and drifting off to sleep.














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