Day 8 – Sahara Desert and Todra Gorge, Morocco

It was sunrise when we woke up this morning so we all sat around and drank some mint tea before hopping back onto our camels. I think I mentioned that yesterday the camel ride didn’t hurt… Well today we realised our butts were more sensitive than we thought as we squirmed on our camels the way back from our desert camp. Although it was about 100x more uncomfortable than yesterday I still enjoyed looking output overt he rolling sand dunes. When we returned to the luxury hotel we didn’t stay in we had breakfast and started the 5 hour bus drive to Todra Gorge.

I’m not going to lie that bus ride wasn’t as fun as the others, we were all a bit tired and hot and feeling sorry for ourselves. But morocco likes to play games with you. One minute your driving through pretty scenery that you already saw the day before so can’t be bothered taking pictures.. And next you arrive at Todra Gorge. Khaled told us we were going for an hour walk to the hotel, and for some reason I didn’t think it would be worth taking my camera – I was most definitely wrong. We start strolling through the village communal vegetable garden (of sorts) spotting olive, apricot, grape, pomegranate, fig, etc trees and then we cross the little river, to explore the ruined old town and then come up to the Main Street. Pink flowers blossom everywhere making the gorge look like a little paradise. Looming above you are massive cliff faces, and along the road it looks like everyone is out socialising, working, celebrating, etc. a couple of market stalls line the road selling carpets, scarves, and the usual little tajines and jewellery. On both sides of the road were little creeks that the kids in the village were all swimming and playing in, a couple of people were lighting camp fires at the foot of the cliff and some waved as we walked past. It was the most beautiful thing I didn’t get a picture of 😦

In a beautiful red green and gold tent styled room we feasted on chicken tajine with cinnamon orange for dessert and had a chat for the rest of the night.







One thought on “Day 8 – Sahara Desert and Todra Gorge, Morocco

  1. Hey Kali
    loving reading your adventures and looking at your pictures, sounds like your having a awesome time!! How good is mint tea!! Em and i are a little jealous and wish we could be transported straight to Moroc. Hope your sore behind is better from the camel rides. Keep the blogs coming….
    Pete and Emma…


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