Day 14 – Sevilla, Spain

We arrived in Seville at 10:10 and had to choose… taxi or bus to our hostel? The taxi was expensive so we decided to live dangerously. Seeing as we werent really sure how to get to our hostel. On the bus we met an old couple from Norway and had a chat with them for a bit. After about 5 minutes chatting they asked what language we speak in Australia, ” ….. English…..” we said – I mean we had been speaking to them in that language no? But they were seriously confused. They honestly had no idea if we speak another language in Australia. I think its time we start having some fun with this and tell people we speak Australian. 

Anyway after 2 buses and finding the stop closest to our “hostel” we hopped off and started walking.. being sure to ask everyone we saw if this was the right direction. I have a feeling this would have been an easier task if we were prepared for what our hostel actually was. No… not a hostel. But a sports recreation and athlete accommodation centre. Once we checked in we searched on their website and it actually says there are only athletes allowed.. haha yeah not a chance of that happening. Anyway the place wasnt so bad, we had a private room and private bathoom, breakfast was included, free wifi.. plus shirtless canoers, runners, or other sort of athletes would frequently be seen walking (or running) around. This could be worse.

After our early morning flight we were pretty tired, so did the spanish thing and had a siesta. At about 6pm and broad daylight we walked under the trees along the canal and made our way through beautiful cobblestone streets. We listened to jazz musicians, a girl preparing to flamenco dance, many horse and carriages roaming around and a surprisingly large number of people dressed in the traditional flamenco dresses and suits. We saw the castle walls and cathedrals, including a spanish wedding and after 4 hours of being lost in seville, began the trek to the train station to meet Kirah! Another explorer to join our adventure. 







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