Day 15 – Sevilla, Spain

In the morning breakfast felt like we were at a school camp in a massive cafeteria. Afterwards we began frantically searching for accommodation, which also suddenly went up in price just before I booked it. We ended up having to pay 31 euros each for one night in another hostel. We stayed in the “feeling sevilla” hostel which I feel like would have been a great hostel if it was in peak season with more travelers staying there. We all cooked our selves up some lunch and the girls went and had a nap while I went up to the rooftop terrace to relax. It was very hot, even in May, but I sat up there listening to some music, reading, and taking in the sun.

After the sun had gone down a little we all went exploring through the town… checking out the narrow streets and alleyways and then out for dinner at a restaurant. We had delicious chicken and a jug of Sangria to share. The waiters at the restaurant were really nice, and ours gave us some advice about the “Feria” (the big spring festival that just so happened to be on this week), offered to drive us there after he was finished work and gave us his number. Unfortunately he was a bit too old for us haha. After we had some food in our stomachs it was time to check out what was so great about this Feria. 

The entrance alone to the Feria was amazing and sparked excitement in us. It is brightly lit up and massive! We walked on through to the streets lined with casetas and lanterns. Girls walked past us in flamenco dresses and men walked past not as obviously dressed up but many wearing nice suits. In case your wondering, the Feria is a festival celebrating the start of Spring. Every night for one week in Seville they have this. The casetas are all big tents set up and inside you see people dancing and eating and laughing and all having a fantastic time. Most of them are private and you can only enter if invited by the owner of that caseta, however there are also some that are open to the public. This festival is the reason everyone was dressed up in the streets. After an exploration and people watching we rode on the ferris wheel, filmed a happy mothers day video to our mums back in Australia and hiked back to our hostel to sleep.









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