Day 16 – Sevilla and Cordoba, Spain

This morning I had a solo day trip to Cordoba. To get there I used blablacar (a free website organising carpools.. Australia needs to catch onto this) and was lucky enough to make friends with a girl from turkey named Hazal. We ended up exploring Cordoba together that day, walking through the beautiful white buildings, cobblestone streets and flower lined windows. We visited the cathedral there, and probably photo bombed a lot of photos from a wedding on that day.. oops.

We met up with someone she had contacted on couchsurfing who lives in the area, He showed us around some more and got us in to some of the courtyards of the patio festival (a lot of them were invitation only that day).The “Festival of Los Patios” is a competition where the beautifully decorated patios of many people who live there are open to the public to view them, they are also judged. After looking at all the courtyards with many flowers and decorated mosaics hung up on the walls we continued through the old town… just to stumble upon a flamenco performance. The dancer was absolutely incredible and just completed spain for me. He looked exactly like your typical spanish flamenco man should look.. see the pictures and you’ll see my point.

After a long time watching the dancers and live musicians we went back to Antonio’s house to relax, have a drink, and meet his friends. One of them was learning how to play flamenco music on guitar so showed us how he was going.. I think his lessons are complete he sounded fantastic to me! Most of the time everyone spoke in Spanish.. which I cannot speak haha. But they would all stop and talk in English to involve me in their conversation.

Eventually I had to say goodbye to everyone and get back to blablacar it back to Sevilla. I absolutely loved Cordoba, not only was it extremely beautiful, but I made friends with some really special people. If I hadn’t met them that day my experience would have been totally different.

After arriving back at the hostel and meeting back up with the girls we collected our things and journeyed to our next hostel in Seville, “Triana Backpackers”. This place was absolutely fantastic. The reception was a bit cramped but decorated very cute, and after lugging our bags up the spiral staircase we got chatting with a couple of people in our dorm. This place seriously had everything though, free breakfast, a hot tub (which was cold), 3 euro jugs of sangria and we met some other travelers! That night Shanay, Kirah, Melissa (American), Patrick (English), Dik (Dutch) and Jobjan (also Dutch) and I all went out for dinner and then waited on the bridge for the fireworks display to celebrate the end of the Feria. At first they started off pretty slowly, but they got bigger and better. Oh and I was amazed actually not amazed but more amused at the amount of debris falling back onto the bridge from the fireworks.. I mean I know this happens all the time but I had never seen it before, and some of the shredded bits actually fell on me haha. We had a quick visit to the Feria entrance again while it was still lit up and then strolled along the river back to the hostel (or some of us back out to find a place to dance). Eventually we all made it back to the hostel, had some early early morning Sangria, played games and all found out quite a lot about each other while chatting and laughing. 











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