Day 17 – Sevilla to Ronda, Spain

Today was a very big day. It should have taken us 2 hours to reach Ronda… 3 hours max, but here is how our journey actually went…

After not sleeping the night before –

The receptionist at our hostel sent us walking then on a metro to the wrong bus station.

No buses link the two bus stations so we had to catch a bus to the train station.

We waited there for a couple of hours for our train to Antequerra where we were meant to get on another train

BUT our first train was late so we missed the last train to Ronda.

From there we had to catch a taxi to Malaga which we weren’t even going to visit

Then a bus to Ronda,

Then walk to our hostel which we FINALLY arrived at, “Pension Hostal Ronda Sol” at 12am and slept.

To sum up, that was a 12 hour travelling day.. compared to the 2 hours it should have taken us. 



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