Day 18 – Ronda, Spain

This morning we posted some of the girls things home to lighten their bags. Kirah and I went exploring the town of Ronda and I’ll admit.. found some cool shops. We went back to get Shanay then went shopping. I bought swimmers – which are so much cheaper over here in europe than Australia. After our necessary girly time we wandered over to see exactly why we came to Ronda… man we were not disappointed. There was a cute old man playing the accordion and setting a very romantic mood with the sunset. I seriously can’t describe Ronda and my photos don’t even do it justice. The view is beautiful and as you walk over towards the bridge at sunset its phenomenal. The bridge is so high up, you just see the town and all the houses and then suddenly it just stops and steep cliffs open up to views of rolling hills in the countryside. We crossed the bridge and walked halfway down the hill to get an even better view of the bridge, cliffs and waterfall. Afterwards we found a tapas bar, tried caramelised eggplant and went to sleep.









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