Day 19 – Ronda Sevilla and Lagos, Spain to Portugal

This morning I left the girls and went for a run around Ronda and right to the bottom of the bridge pillars. I had planned to go for an early morning swim in the water but after a closer look at this.. The water moved really fast and I didn’t think it was worth the risk of getting caught in the rapids and falling over the edge of the waterfall haha. After having a break, taking some photos, and taking in the view I began the run up the hill.. hahahahahahhahahahh I nearly died. We had breakfast at the hostel and obsessed over the beautiful dog there (golden, soft and like an angel) before packing up and heading out! We took the bus to Sevilla and then another bus from Sevilla to Lagos, PORTUGAL!! We made a friend, Jean-David (canadian) and he walked with us to our hostel, then ended up cancelling his hostel and just staying at ours instead.

The Big Chill hostel… fantastic. Very clean and spacious, two kitchens, a roof top spa, free food in the fridge if your lucky, the closest hostel to the best beaches and all for 10 euros a night. The guy who worked there was really cool and I think ended up becoming friends with lots of the people there. That night we made friends with the others staying there while playing drinking games before heading out for a taste of the nightlife in Lagos. We got free shots at the tavern because we were with our hostel group. Pretty much that night most of the things I heard from people were, “You’ve never been drunk before?! But your Australian!! We need to fix this”. The place was absolutely crawling with Australian, American and British people. Lagos is very popular with young travelers particularly people who like to party. We had some fun, I actually danced a bit (shock!), and after we’d had enough fun went back to bed.



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