Day 21 and 22- Lagos, Portugal

Ok I can’t actually remember exactly what I did on which of these days so I’ll just pretend these two days are the same.

Today I said goodbye to Kirah and Shanay and begun my solo backpacking trip! Jean-David was still at the hostel so we explored the port of Lagos after deciding it wasn’t worth paying the bus fare just to get to the town to go for a hike. We had some lunch then to the beach Ponta de Ana. The beaches here are very beautiful, and there weren’t so many waves today. After nearly falling asleep on the sand I said goodbye to JD and walked to the next beach ‘Camillo’. On my way I passed a couple Brazilian friends and the same dog that had joined our picnic yesterday.

Camillo beach was less crowded, and the water was much nicer. I laid out my towel ready to enjoy the sun sand and water. Well now that day life thought it would play some games with me. Have a nice relaxing nap on the beach Kali? I don’t think so! Haha I was laying on my stomach with my eyes shut and all of a sudden the black neighbourhood dog runs up and starts rolling around the sand right where I am.. Directly under my head. It would sit up and put it’s paws on my hands and then bow down and I would pat it and rough it up and it would roll over and go nuts playing with me. It seriously was so excited it was rolling closer and closer into me, so here I am trying to make sure my swimmer top doesn’t fall down while trying to half pat the dog and half push it off me. It was very funny… And it didn’t happen just one time. Not twice. But three times!

After my new little friend had left me alone for good I went back to relaxing… Well.. Until a freak wave came and nearly swept me away! Ok not quite but I was very surprised when I was suddenly underwater and rushing to get up and lift up my camera and towel from the water.

After this I decided it was time to go for a swim and enjoy the water. It felt as good as it looked.. Although most water feels the same no matter how it looks… It was a tiny bit chilly but I got used to it so I could enjoy it. The water was beautiful turquoise blue and smooth 🙂 it felt so good to finally be swimming in a beach again!

I made friends with the Brazilian kids who all invited me to go have lunch with them at ponte de piedade. It was another funny experience. Only one of them could speak English and they all spoke Brazilian so I couldn’t actually understand 95% of what was happening but it was still a nice experience. At a table next to us some portugese people started playing guitar and singing, and many people joined in.

After lunch we explored the cliffs again but this time walked right up to the highest point you could go, and then down right to the water level. This place was one of the most beautiful places I had seen. On our way back we planned to go kayaking but the afternoon had brought some rougher waves again.

I spent another night in Lagos, befriended another Aussie chic and had a BBQ with the hostel crew and went out dancing for my last time in Portugal.





















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