Day 23 – Lagos to Lisbon, Portugal

I woke up early to get a bus to Lisbon. Not early enough. I misjudged the time it would take me to get to the bus station, quite a bit. So I ran.. Running with an 85L backpack is not a particularly easy task and it was in that frantic state I honestly thought all hope was lost. I slowed to what I felt like was a speed walk but in reality I was probably moving about the same pace as my dad at Disneyland (slow). The whole way up the street I made eye contact with everyone I could, wishing that some super tank buff guy would come out of nowhere and lift up my backpack and run it to the bus. Anyway it all turned out ok and I made it to the bus – just.

I arrived in Lisbon, found Lisbon Old Town Hostel and settled in. I got speaking to a couple of other guests there which turned out to be very awkward. I was chatting to a guy and a girl, they asked me what I did back in Australia and how I funded my trip and I told them how I used to busk. They weren’t sure what that was so I described it like a street performer. The boy then pipes up enthusiastically, “were you a stripper?”. Well then that did it for me. I quickly assured him that I definitely wasn’t a stripper… Perhaps too passionately as he then told us all about how he was a stripper… I wanted to die and just prayed and hoped he hadn’t taken offence, oops.

Lisbon Old Town hostel was really cool. There was cool artwork and decorations, a kitchen, lot space, a really chilled out and friendly vibe, wifi of course and a free breakfast 👍

Maxwell was also staying there is Lisbon so off we went to explore the streets of Lisbon. We searched for street art, and there is so much of it in Lisbon we were not disappointed, we strolled through some markets but they weren’t quite what we were hoping for so continued on to buy some Portuguese pastries, “pastel de nata”. We found a jazz festival so sat down and ate the pastries there. (By the way… Food in Portugal is really good)

One of the highlights of that day was stumbling upon an art gallery. Everything else we had looked into a bit so knew to find it but this we had no idea about. Initially I wasn’t really that interested in it, so many art galleries have extremely boring and stupid artworks (sorry to all those artists). Well then this one came as a surprise, I figured I wouldn’t know any of the artists with works displayed, but the very first artwork was painted by none other then Picasso 😉 walking through we continued to find works by Joan Miró, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí. I really really enjoyed myself in there and better yet – because all museums were free today we didn’t have to pay to get in 😀

That arvo I had fresh fish for dinner, one of Portugal’s specialties, it was delicious.

The streets of Portugal are seriously cool. So many buildings have entire outside walls of mosaic, it reminded me of morocco. Houses are often a light purple or blue or yellow or pink colour, very happy and bright.






















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