Day 24 – Lisbon to Sintra, Portugal

Today waking up in Lisbon it was raining, quite a bit. So off we went to Sintra! Arriving in Sintra we roamed around looking for our hostel, which to date is still the coolest hostel I have ever been in. Every room was designed really funky and modern with random decorations all over the place. The common room had black and white striped walls with numerous portraits all hanging up.. Not just any portraits though.. Posters of cats and dogs dressed up as famous people and characters – a hairless cat with a lightsaber as Yoda for example. There was also a cute courtyard with rose bushes and heaps of places to sit and relax… Oh and the most important thing of all.

Free food.

So we spent a bit of time working out the best way to see all Sintra has to offer, and tried to meet up with Kirah, but in the end had to leave so we could see it all in time. We stopped by a place we saw a cool view of the ocean in the distance, then kept hiking up uphill until we found a little overgrown passage with stone walls on either side. Eventually we made it up to the Pena National Palace (on my to do list for Europe).

It was amazing. I loved it. We bought tickets to go up on the terraces and I am so glad we did, it was beautiful. It is decorated with tiles, and all multicoloured. Some sections are pink some yellow some purple some black and white. There was cool sculptures all over the place as well, one was really weird looking. The view was stunning as well, we both stood up on the ledges, beneath us it just a sheer drop. I really can’t describe how amazing the castle was.

Also I might just point out, I was the idiot who hiked up there in thongs, singlet top and short skirt. It was absolutely FREEZING and very windy up the top! After a fantastic day viewing the castle it was still a relief to get back to the hostel.

Back to the hostel to cook up a feast 😏

Remember how there was a lot of free food in this hostel? Well we made the most of that. We made cheesy garlic bread, and a pasta with lemon, garlic, white wine, oregano, olives, and onion…. It sounds very weird but tasted pretty good! Then for dessert a creation we had prepared earlier. Nutella and muesli mixed together and frozen. Not the healthiest meal but our hunger was definitely satisfied 😌

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