Day 25 – Sintra to Lisbon, Portugal

It was a bit colder and rainier today, so we decided against going to the beach. We cooked up some baked beans and cheese on toast, then went for one little exploration. We checked out these gardens, castles and caves which were beautiful but not as impressive as the castle the day before. Afterwards we packed up our things and said goodbye to Sintra.

While trying to get onto and off trains and metros there were always little gate things where you had to insert your ticket and the doors open. Easy, yes? No. My bag was so big I would have to run as fast as I could through the gates before they closed on me. So far I had been mostly successful but this time I was not so lucky. For some reason I thought I would change my technique, instead of dragging my bag behind me what if I pushed it in front? Hahahahahahah idiot. My bag got stuck in the gates before I had a chance to push it through. It was seriously jammed in there and I tried ripping it out of the evil gates grasp, eventually I got it out, and walked on through to Lisbon.

In Lisbon it was absolutely POURING with rain, we had been lucky with the weather in Sintra, it had been cold up the top of the mountain but warm everywhere else, and the skies were mostly blue. We hid underneath the awning of shops, watching everyone running to get out of the rain and the umbrella men coming out to try make some money off our misfortune haha. There was this one guy a couple of shops down from us hiding in the shop entrance then as people would walk past hed shove the camera in their face and “sneak” a shot – he wasn’t very subtle haha.

Eventually we slowly made our way through the rain, to Oasis Backpackers Hostel (absolutely drenched). Once checked in we were shown the building we would stay in and who do we see? JD! Back at the hostel they gave each new guest a free shot, so we politely accepted then went back to chat with JD and make some dinner.








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