Day 26 – Lisbon, Portugal

It was a bit rainy today so we planned to go look at the subway street art.. but couldn’t actually find anything? Oh well, we found 1kg of delicious strawberries for just 1 euro!! Food makes every day good haha. 

Anyway, all that day we roamed around looking at the interesting architecture. We stopped for a coffee and saw this old man feeding pigeons, how sweet. Until he suddenly started trying to kick them away. It was so funny, he had an umbrella, and to try get rid of the birds he would do this series of moves.

1. Umbrella in position and pointing at prey

2. Strike out at birds

3. Open up umbrella mid strike

4. Return to first position.

This whole series was done in this really slow sweeping motion that I will never be able to describe properly but it was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

We then began walking around again, and found a couple of art gallery houses (I think thats the best way to describe them?) In one of them we walked around all these really really old rooms that some were being used to display these abstract creations. We walked around then found some stairs. I didn’t really think it looked like we were meant to go down there but if we weren’t allowed it would be blocked off right? So down we went and found a kitchen and OH oops a couple of live-in artists who were extremely confused about why we were down there. After we were escorted out of their temporary home we found the actual art gallery we were supposed to look at. 

We continued exploring throughout the town and found a cafe to try some more Portuguese pastries. The name of the place was called “Orion” and has been around since 1945. We asked the cafe workers what they recommend us to try today so shared a mug of tea, a savoury.. thing with pumpkin in it, a chocolate and almond biscuit and…… 

Pastel de feijao

These are the most amazing things that have ever been created. They are made out of sweet bean, and I recommend everybody tries them, simple as that.

Just before getting back to the hostel we sat at the lookout close to a big group of Portuguese people who were all sitting around singing and jamming with each other. A strange man started talking to us for a while who I could barely understand, but something about drugs, we ended up leaving him there and went back to the hostel.

Later that evening we went out again exploring the old town at dusk which was beautiful. We looked at all the white houses with red rooftops, with an odd pink or yellow house here and there. We found a little bar advertising free fado music (traditional Portuguese folk music) so went inside and bought ourselves a savoury pastry with fish inside it (weird but tasty) and a normal pastel de nata (custard tart). The free fado ended up being a girl singing along to a backing CD, not quite the musical experience we desired but still very cool. 

















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