Day 27 – Lisbon and Madrid, Portugal to Spain

We woke up, checked out and had breakfast before doing the most important thing on my trip so far… went back to Orion to buy all of the pastel de feijao there (unfortunately there was only 5 to share between us 😦 ) With that I said goodbye to Maxwell and went back to the hostel to plan how I was going to get to France.

I had a bit of a chat to a couple of guests and workers at the hostel, who then let me control the music being played hehe. The person at the bar was experimenting making up a new cocktail and gave it to me to try, why thank you.  Then I went and bought groceries with the hostel’s chef (yes they had a chef) and found out he was originally from Sintra and cooking up a traditional Portuguese feast that night. While he was cooking he gave me a taste of the octopus and I actually really liked it (coming from a person who limits her seafood intake to fish. Just fish).

I then left for the train station, a little nervous of the long trip ahead of me and using my eurail pass for the first time. I was also freaking out about my phone being nearly dead and not having a way to contact my host in France when I arrived or in case anything bad happened. I hopped on a night train from Lisbon and arrived early in the morning at Madrid.



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