Day 29 – La Tour D’Aigues, France

Ah finally in France in a little town near Provence. For the next couple of days my plan was to stay with a family I had met on

We had breakfast out in the backyard with this delicious spread called “creme de marro” which is made of chestnuts and vanilla. Victor showed me around their house and land. Their house was really cute, a little cottage on a farm. They had two horses, a dog and some cats. There was lots of different flowers blooming and vineyards all close by. Everything was perfect. 

I thought I’d be a good Australian traveler and introduce the family to Vegemite, only to discover they had this stuff imported from Switzerland which is essentially the same thing!

After breakfast we went for a horse ride through the french countryside, passing by vineyards, forest, flowers, and ancient ruins. We rode along to a cherry tree, picked some cherries and ate them (yum!) before making our way back to the house. For lunch we had something very simple, rice and chicken… it was so delicious!!! We went into the house and relaxed before having strawberry crumble for dessert with some more of the family. My god how on earth do I deserve all of this. After dessert we went back into the house and.. yup. I was finally introduced to Game of Thrones. I know you shouldn’t watch tv or movies when travelling but hey, I’m going to be doing this for a long time, I can handle it. 

That night we went out and had Chinese for dinner, and then banana flambe and this delicious icecream and walnut and caramel thing for dessert. 

I’d say my first day in France was alright, wouldn’t you?









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