Day 31 – La Tour D’Aigues and Provence, France

Today Victor had to go to school so we went into Provence town, I had a little roam around the streets then sat down at a bench and wrote in my journal. After Victor and his friends finished school (they were only in there for an hour or 2) we all hung out and got some lunch. Afterwards we came back to the house, relaxed a bit before going back out on the motorbike. Haha everytime we rode the motorbike I would keep on accidentally headbutting Victor with my massive helmet :S 

When Victor had told me we were going for a ride to a Lake my initial thoughts were, oh cool we can go for a swim. But I never imagined the Lake to be that beautiful. I’m used to the lake back at home which, although I get incredible views of at my house, is not naturally beautiful. Here I remember turning my head and gasping. The water was SO SO blue! It was an incredible surprise. We had a swim in the lake before climbing up the nearby hill to see the water and little castle from above. 






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