Day 32 – La Tour D’Aigues to Nice, France

Today was most definitely one of a kind. Victor showed me the tower where I had a panoramic view of the nearby countryside, then took me next door to see his grandparents house. It looked like your typical beautiful French farmhouse only… They had an interesting choice of pet. All week victor had been saying he had a surprise and that they have an Australian animal and I have to guess what it is. Today he revealed to me their pet emu.

Yes I said emu.

An EMU!!

What the heck?! Those things are crazy they could peck your face off! And here he is feeding it and trying to get me to take a photo with it.. Sorry but I would prefer not to lose my eyes today. I honestly was not expecting that. Far out.

So after that surprise and saying hi to his grandma he lead me in for a tour of their house. I don’t know if any of you have heard of him before, but his grandad was Theo Gerber, an artist. When Nelson Mandela was alive he had one of his paintings in his office. His house was incredible, every room was quirky and cool and an artists dream. I was showed his many art studios and was amazed, it was the coolest house I’d ever seen. And made me think about my art teachers from school and how much they would love it (although their house probably looks like that too). Honestly going through that house was a highlight, there was random sculptures everywhere, rainbow painted roof panels, a human skull (although we couldn’t find it), heaps of paintings, a massive one in the dining room that took up the entire wall, etc. I loved it – thank you again Victor for showing me!!!

After that I packed up, said goodbye (and a MASSIVE thank you for one of the best weeks of my life) and left for Nice. The train ride was really beautiful, riding past all the coastal towns. I arrived in Nice at night time and found my hostel. I can’t remember what it was called but basically it was the worst hostel I had been too. I hated it. I hated the guy who worked there and there was no sink in the toilet and the staff were annoying and unhelpful. I got there and walked around for a bit and went to bed.












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