Day 34 – Nice, France

Today was a bit stressful. Italy was having strikes so none of the trains were running to Italy. I went back to the hostel to search everything I could to work out how the heck to get to Italy. That was when the staff at the hostel really annoyed me I just needed some peace and alone time to sort myself out and this one guy would just keep talking to me sunstmznsduksyhahathajay

I ended up having to book another night there, so I thought I may as well make the most of my time.. That was when I found the gelato festival.

I think in that moment I lost all hope of ever having a body ready for the Greek Islands hahaha! I’ll be wearing full winter clothes at the beach from now on. I had 10 different servings of gelato, including flavours like hazelnut and chocolate, ginger cinnamon and mint, egg custard pine nuts and chocolate or caramel, then milk and cream and lavender flowers. Thrown into the mix was also a piña colada gelato cocktail. What have I done to myself..

Afterwards I went back to the hostel and met up with a group of friends Id made from Turkey. We all went for an evening walk, heard one of the bands practicing for the rock festival on the next night, saw the sunset and went to a fancy restaurant where things on the menu could be up to 200ish euros!! We just ordered a couple glasses of wine, one salad, and ate the free bread with balsamic vinegar hehe.




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