Cave explorations, snorkelling, secret beaches, and an unexpected encounter with attractive french boys.

The title of this pretty much sums up this day. We wanted to explore a bit more of the island. So we went out on a boat to explore the surrounding area by sea. We went snorkelling at a site of a ship wreck. Here I thought I would be a genius and take underwater photos. I didnt have an actual underwater camera but I had an iphone and Billy had a waterproof case. Originally I was extremely dubious of this. But desperation to capture the beauty of the Cyclades won over. Unfortunately this experiment ended in tragedy. By the end of the day my phone was going crazy. Siri wouldnt leave me alone. Really. I could not get rid of her. My iphone wouldnt charge, and then when it finally died… it never turned back on. The waterproof case leaked. And all my underwater photos from that day, not to mention all my photos and video diaries of my trip totally gone. Omg…. the video diaries… oh they were so special… Im getting emotional again. Shit….

I have to move on. After snorkelling we were met by a boat full of french boys. They were all good looking. All of them. I had a photo of them.. on my phone. We swapped boats with them, then left. On our way to the sea caves our new boat died. Thanks guys. We fixed it, and then we continued. We stopped in at these 3 caves, swam out to the first and then went through them all. Our voices echoed as we swam through and we just had a fantastic time. Just as we came out and swam back to the boat the boys boat pulled up at the same spot.

After the caves we went to relax on a secret beach. I didnt think you could get much better than the beaches I had already been to, but it was incredible. There we swam around, laid in the sand, ate a snack, and then. Of course. We were interrupted by the french guys. All 15 of them piled onto the beach. Burying each other under the sand, then all jumping on the person who was unable to escape.

It was a beautiful day, we really enjoyed ourselves. Just like every day over here. I wish I could share with you the underwater photos I took. But all I could save was one. One stupid selfie in black and white. So there you go.



2 thoughts on “Cave explorations, snorkelling, secret beaches, and an unexpected encounter with attractive french boys.

  1. I love your life. It’s what I always wanted to do when I was young, but couldn’t. Now, I’m making up for it. The crazy unexpected things that happen are what we live for. Keep travelling and making your passion your life. It’s that simple!

    also, I’m working on a site now that aims to help things like these happen. We’ll put up a review on an underwater housing for an i Phone and we’ll see if we can get you one too.

    Stay safe!


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