Partying with the Australians in Ios

When I read that there were a lot of young people on Ios… Everyone failed to mention that about 95% of those people are Australian. Seriously, saying that Ios has been invaded by Australians is an understatement. Everyone working there is Australian. Everyone. You go into the local store and you can find one of the small jars of vegemite for 6 euros.. that is $9AUD … FOR A SMALL JAR! The thing is they can afford to jack up the prices that much because us crazy Australians away from home for so long just love our vegemite and just adore our vegemite 😉

The vegemite isn´t the only thing either, I mentioned in my last post there was an Australian bakery.. seriously named “Australian Bakery”. And I am not ashamed to say I frequented it during my stay. Mostly because it was the cheapest food that you didnt have to cook yourself besides that frigging Gyros shit (which is beautiful and delicious and contains all the food groups so its healthy right? Okay no it has chips on it forget I said that).

Anyway I am getting sidetracked. This post is about the nightlife in ios. Up in the main centre of the town (Chora) there is one particular street and area where all the bars and clubs are. I´m not really a party person. But it was a lot of fun. You go out with 15 Australians 2 Americans and 1 New Zealander and meet more Australians, and some Americans and New Zealanders. Actually we also met some Italians which was a bit exotic for Ios. The nightlife is… how can I explain this… like a candy shop for young adults. Every bar tries to have some special activity or competition there to stand out from the rest.

For example:

Shot bars advertising special shots such as tiramisu, bounty, mint chocolate, etc (it was my goal to try a bounty shot but unfortunately I never made it).

“Lost Boys” was a favourite of many. You can play beer pong there, and if you buy (I think) 7 shots you get a free lost boys shirt. I´m not gonna lie, the shirts were actually really cool. I wish I had one, but I didnt want to buy 7 shots, and I didnt want to pay 25 euros for one by itself.

The “Slammer Bar” had this special shot. You order it and you get the joy of taking your shot whilst simultaneously being slammed in the head with some random object. It could be a fire hydrant, a chair, the crutches of someone with a broken ankle (and afterwards with broken crutches to top it off), whatever is lying around, anything goes. No need to fear though, you get to wear a helmet. Its totally safe.

Im not sure of the name of this bar, but throughout the night you would see more and more people with kind of tribal white painted dots and patterns on their face or arms. I passed this bar once, down a tiny little alleyway. Seriously Ios is fantastic.

The Jäger Bar was my all time favourite. The music they played in there was so much fun. The kind of old music that everyone dances and sings to and actually has a good time rather than being super sleezy and creepy. Once I went in there I danced hours. The two photos below are from inside that bar. They are terrible quality and terrible everything but we were too busy dancing to take good photos. Sorry.

One night when we didnt feel like dancing the entire night away, Jenna and I walked back a bit early. On our way back to the hostel we were greeted by many club promoters. But we didnt want alcohol. We just. Needed. Water. We came across this one Australian guy who so badly wanted to impress his boss he was begging us, “Please, just one shot!” We agreed on coming inside if he could give us a shot of fresh water. He agreed. It was a win win. That bar was kind of weird though and empty and boring so after our shot of water we left.

So yes! We spent our nights partying, and when we got tired it was just a short walk, on the same street, to our hostel. Perfection.


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