Welcome to Ios (aka paradise)

After only lasting 2 nights in Mykonos… we had more time to enjoy Ios, So I’m going to break these posts up a bit. Ios was absolutely beautiful. We stayed in a fantastic hostel called Francesco’s, with an INCREDIBLE view. The old part of the town is built on the side of a little hill, with a church right at the top. From our hostel we could swim in the pool or sit on the ledge and look out at the ocean, another island, and gaze at the incredible sunsets. At what cost was this amazing view? 15 euros per person for a private room with an ensuite. It was fantastic, our routine was pretty much, eat gyros every meal of the day (seriously… EVERY meal), buy water, go to the beach, pick up a sausage roll from the Australian bakery (Ive been away for a long time okay.. and the Australian classics are hard to come by), go back and relax or go out partying. What a life.

We were there at the perfect time as well, in September the temperature was perfect, hot but slightly cooler at night, and really quiet so the beach was nearly empty, but there was still enough people there to make the nightlife a lot of fun. The main beach there is called Mylopotas Beach, and just like Mykonos… it was perfect. Just like nearly everywhere in Europe the beach has umbrellas and chairs all set up that you can pay for (or for free if your sneaky). I dont really like the whole umbrella chair thing, it makes it more commercial, like you have to buy a place to sit for the day… when the beach can be free for everyone. But anyway you dont need to use them so no use  complaining.

Every day we swam in that perfect water, laid on the sand, and relaxed. Im not sure if I ever did anything in my life to deserve this but I can´t get enough of it. We opened our eyes in the water and could see everything.. not that there was much to see.. it was all just clear water and white sand. Anyway there isn´t really much more I can say to describe the beach, Ill just show you some photos.


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