The Last Super Moon: View from the Church, Ios

While in Ios we read… Probably on the Facebook page IFLS that there would be the last super moon of the year. We figured we had to see that, unfortunately the view from our hostel gave us a breathtaking view of the sunset, but not of the moon. So we set out just before sunset to walk to the top of the hill up to the church.

The view up the top was beautiful, from our hostel we could only see one side of the island, but up the top we could see all around at the rest of the white houses, and off into the distance. We were up there with a group of people all there to see the sunset. We all watched together as the light slowly faded from the sky.. Actually not slowly. When your actually sitting there watching the sunset it goes away so quickly. Thanks life for once again making something beautiful rush by us.

Anyway afterwards everyone else went back down the hill to the houses, or whatever activities they were doing before. Jenna and I were up there alone waiting for the moon to rise. We walked around to the rack of the tiny little church up there and sat on the edge of the cliff. The moon wasn’t as spectacular as we imagined. I don’t know I figured it would be orange or something. That was stupid. But it was really big, and slightly golden. It was basically impossible to get a good photo of it though on our shitty cameras. Even on Jenna’s good camera. We really needed a tripod.. And photography skills. I tried using the rocks as a tripod.. Haha I was seriously in the weirdest positions trying not to fall at the same time.

It was really relaxing up there. We had hilarious conversations and laughs and looked down on everyone below us. If you go to Ios please go up there. Or please don’t and just leave it as a special place for the most deserving people.


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