The Best of Ios

We have to say goodbye to everything in the end Im afraid.. Okay Im sure if I wanted I could have just stayed and hid out and found work on the island and never left and that is actually a realistic sequence of events. But there is still too much of the world to see. Im going to share with you some of my favourite moments from Ios.

Mornings.. or afternoons (or whenever) at the cafe (shown below) eating the most incredible greek yoghurt with a local honey. At night time the locals all came and sat at the cafe and a group of them always sat at this particular table performing to everyone.. whilst also sitting down and eating dinner. If I could ever become a professional singer that is how my concerts would be. It was an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.. something Ive found typical of people in southern Europe.

Walking up and down and around the cobbled alleyways of the main town. Flowers hanging down, white painted buildings, cats everywhere (I could make a seperate blog for the cats of greece), and reaching our room just when I thought my legs were starting to get sore (ok Im severely unfit).

The fact that whenever you greet someone, good morning (kalimera) or good afternoon (kalispera)  you use my name 😉

Incredible sunsets every afternoon, sitting on the ledge in the common area outside or standing on the side of our balcony when in the room to get an amazing view of it fading. Climbing up to the top of the hill for the best view.

Of course, our little boat adventure and all the mischief Jenna and I find ourselves in 😉

The hot sun. The clear waters. Enough Said.


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