A Year and a Half: A Summary

It has been just over a year and a half since my last post from Madrid celebrating one year of travelling. Since then SO MUCH has happened, there has been a trip to Hamburg to get a German working holiday visa, Berlin to visit friends and Croatia because I won that photo competition with Geckos Adventures 🙂

Then back to Madrid in the middle of summer when Jesus and I escaped the heat and fled to the Arctic. We volunteered up in the North of Norway, experiencing the phenomenal fjords and midnight sun while searching for an apartment in Oslo. Just before moving in my family came to Europe to visit and so off I went showing them around some of my favourite places. Then came the misadventures of obtaining a working holiday visa (which included a trip to visit friends in Berlin and a super moon eclipse aka the “blood moon”), a bank account, residence permit, and job. Somehow all of that worked out and I was able to enjoy my first white winter whilst working as a waitress, babysitter and then teachers assistant/PE teacher.

The plan in Norway was to study International Environment and Development Studies at NMBU, however after being accepted I realised I wanted my Bachelor to be more science focused, so I began studying a B.Sc. Biodiversity and Biotechnology via distance. This decision meant I had to travel to and from Australia twice this year to complete the practical work during intensive schools, which basically drained all my savings (yay!). On the up side, after 2 years of travel I was able to reunite with the rest of the family, enjoy the Australian beaches, gormandise on my favourite pastries and hang with my dog.

A brief trip to Poland (because flights and food were cheaper) and Berlin (again, but to visit Jenna!!) and then back to Norway to continue working.

And now our Norwegian adventure is finished. I visited dad and Jonny in Costa Brava and Barcelona for a week, visited my family in Leeds, and then enjoyed London (and nearly died due to being mislead by the weather and humidity which actually froze my heart I swear) with Jesus while catching up with cousins.

Now? I am in Argentina sitting in the house of Jesus’ family, recovering from sunburn, enjoying the birdsongs (seriously there are so many birds here) and sunshine and will soon make a Mate (an Argentinian drink) to share. I may start to post more frequently, probably because now that I have university and Spanish study to do I need a way to procrastinate. Well, that is all for now. Hasta luego!




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