Autumn in Oslo

September – November 2015

Autumn in Oslo. My birthday, new housemates and a new job! I started working, organised my visa, residence permit, bank account, phone, etc. Amidst all the bureaucracy were many  beautiful outings like these. My favourite places to stroll were the Akerselva river (not pictured), Akershus fortress and Hovedøya island.

I never took a photo of the river in the middle of Autumn, but it is absolutely captivating. The trees are yellow, and the ground too is coated in a blanket of yellow and gold. As the wind blows through the trees the leaves break off and twirl around until they land in the river, where they all float gently down stream. In Europe this is my favourite time of the year, particularly in cities as green as Oslo. As December came closer the colourful Autumn leaves became frosted and my excitement increased 10 fold.

The first time I took the boat out to the islands I started at Hovedøya. I visited the quaint monastery ruins and walked around the island until I ran after a fox I saw dart into the forest. After this I took the next boat to wherever it would take me, and so began my hour sunset “cruise” of the Oslo fjord. Up on top it was absolutely freezing, but as we approached Gressholmen and the sky was purple with a full moon I couldn’t stay below.

November was when the ice really swept across Oslo, the first day there was black ice everywhere I slipped and broke a rib. I didn’t notice at first, so proceeded to walk around Oslo visiting friends and learning which parts of the street to avoid. November is also when I got to work organising Christmassing up our apartment. 30NOK ($4.6AUD) and hiking from one end of Oslo to the other got me an old plastic christmas tree with baubles and everything. After a quick clean up I was able to enjoy the atmosphere, waiting for christmas and the snow with a bottle of baileys.


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